What BHRT Products are Right for Me?

The #1 question we get here at Smoky Mountain Naturals is “Where did you get those shoes?” But a close second has to be “What Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) products are right for me?”

Sometimes that question is difficult. Menopause is different for every woman. Hormone levels vary, and so does the way that women react to those levels. Because of this variation there is no cheat sheet, or one silver bullet.

But the good news is that we’ve been doing this for a while now, and we’ve seen a few things. You may need to stick with it a bit, but you can find what works for you. We’ve seen thousands and thousands of women find relief from menopause with our various products. We’d like to share some of what we’ve learned.

Testing Matters

Whether you’re going through menopause, or are post-menopausal, having your hormone levels checked is a great idea. Your doctor can get a blood test done for you, or you can order one of our ZRT Hormone test kits and get your results. A saliva sample is all ZRT Laboratories needs to determine your levels.

ZRT Test Kits include the testing of two hormones. We recommend testing for estriol (the form that makes up about 90% of the estrogen in your body) and progesterone.

No matter how you decide to learn your levels, it’s a real advantage. We’re going to talk a bit about symptoms and the corresponding first steps, but actually knowing where your deficiencies lie takes out the guess work.

Testing your hormones before supplementing is the most responsible step you can take. Knowing your hormone levels puts you in the driver’s seat. Seeing your levels also allows you to objectively observe your progress after you’ve been using our products.

The Basics

To know which products are a match, you have to understand the basics. We won’t get too deep into the weeds here, so if you want to know more, check out our article: The Smoky Mountain Naturals’ Guide to Understanding Menopause.

Menopause technically just means the end of a woman’s reproductive process, and occurs when there has been no menstrual cycle for one calendar year. In common discussion though, menopause refers to the larger process that often begins years before. That’s how we’ll talk about menopause here.

The defining feature of this phase is the diminished production of estrogen and progesterone. These two hormones are important. They impact the body in a host of ways, including preparing the body for pregnancy each month. Estrogen and progesterone are created largely in the ovaries, and as the fertile years draw to a close, production begins to wane.

The duration of menopause, as well as the volatility of hormone levels varies greatly from woman to woman. But we know the general direction. Over the course of menopause, estrogen levels will fall to a fraction of what they used to be. Progesterone levels will fall to nearly nothing.

The loss of these hormones is what is responsible for the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Regaining that hormonal balance is the aim of our products.

Three Core Products

Our top recommendation for women suffering significantly with the symptoms of menopause is to use our three core products: Estro-Life, Progesto-Life, and DIM.

Estro-Life supplements estriol, helping you regain desired levels of the hormone that has traditionally been most closely associated with femininity, as well as menopause treatment.

Progesto-Life supplements progesterone. In recent decades women and medical professionals have discovered just how important progesterone is to menopause treatment.

Together, these creams address the declining hormone levels of menopause.

DIM rounds out the picture by promoting the body’s natural metabolism of the excess potent forms of estrogen: Estradiol, and estrone. In our modern world, levels of these two forms of estrogen are often elevated, even when overall estrogen levels are deficient. This causes an imbalance with progesterone, called estrogen dominance. Menopause slashes progesterone levels, making estrogen dominance prominent and problematic.

The Menopause Solution Bundle

Save $10.00 on Estro-Life, Progesto-Life, and DIM simply by bundling!

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What If I Only Want To Try One?

We understand that not every woman will want to try all three of our core menopause treatment products. If this sounds like you, then you’re not alone. Whether it’s a lack of familiarity with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement, a desire to spend less, or you just want to make a smaller commitment to start, we’re confident that you can still get results.

No matter your reason, we want you to know that each one of our products has a ton to offer. In fact, we have many customers who use only one or two of our products and absolutely achieve the results and the relief that they’re after.

So what single product is the most important for you?

Years of offering these products, and feedback from our customers, have shown trends of effectiveness for single products, based on particular menopause symptoms.

Estro-Life is our first recommendation for the symptoms of female dryness such as discomfort during intimacy. Skin and hair issues also indicate that Estro-Life would be the primary product recommendation.

Progesto-Life is our first recommendation for hot flashes and night sweats, as well as mood swings, brain fog, lack of desire for intimacy, and insomnia.

Finally, DIM would be the first recommendation for unwanted weight gain, and hormonal acne.

If you’re going for only one or two products, pick what most closely matches your individual needs. We want every woman to live the fullest, healthiest life possible. Knowing that these products are making that happen for so many women is a real thrill for us here at Smoky Mountain Naturals!

Hopefully this guide gives you the confidence you need to jump in and get the relief and results that you’re looking for.

What BHRT Products are Right for Me?
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  • GiantPandaBack

    I lost my insurance this year (including the HRT I was on, and probably should NOT have been on) and I feel TERRIBLE so I got the Estro-Life and Progesto_life (both Glycol and Paraben Free). I also got the saliva test and quit all products for a minimum of 3 days before adding my saliva and then sent it in to zrt labs to await my results; but since my Estriol came out so HIGH I have no faith in the tests that I paid almost $100 for!

    An example: My Estriol tested at 3,988.5 when the optimal level for me is less than 1.9. How can I trust that?

  • Coach Red

    I just sent in my second free test yesterday since I have been on vacation (and taking NO hormones) so I am wondering what my results will be this time since I understand the process better this time! My GYN was obviously just PLAYING with the dose of anti-depressant she prescribed as she said to increase until I stopped tearing up! I hate finding out that my health meant so little to those I trusted with it! I don’t know why my Avi changed, but I am also GiantPandaBack below!

    • We’re glad to hear this you’re ready for your second test, feel free to email us with any followup questions you may have!