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Women today have options, and we’re not just talking about hairstyles and handbags…

If you’ve felt the simmer of a hot flash, or woken up with night sweats, you know the discomfort that menopause can bring. And odds are also good that you have at least a passing familiarity with hormone supplementation options.

The notion of menopause treatment began in earnest in the 1950’s with the mainstream introduction of Estrogen Replacement Therapy. For decades, supplementing the hormonal declines of menopause has been the exclusive purview of the pharmaceutical industry. In order to restore estrogen and progesterone levels, women only had the option of these synthetic supplements.

But as we mentioned, today’s woman has options. The introduction of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement has changed the landscape.

What Does “Bioidentical” Mean?

Put simply, the term “Bioidentical” in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement means that the hormone content found in these supplements is structurally identical to the hormone that the body produces naturally. This distinction is important because even minor variations in chemical composition can alter the way that a hormone interacts with the body.

But why is this term necessary? Aren’t all hormone supplements the same as what our bodies produce?

Unfortunately not. When pharmaceutical companies create their hormone supplements, the structure of the hormones is manipulated. This manipulation allows drug companies to tweak the properties of the supplement, as well as obtain patents. The result is a structurally altered, and typically more potent form of the hormone being supplemented.

This is what makes Bioidentical options so exciting. With Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, women can supplement with the same hormone that their bodies produce on their own.

Where Do Bioidentical Hormones Come From?

While the term “bioidentical” technically refers to the chemical structure of a hormone supplement, the vast majority of bioidenticals are also naturally derived.  The estrogen and progesterone used in bioidentical menopause supplements are typically derived from wild yams.

Extracting the hormones from wild yams means that these supplements can be made efficiently, and affordably, while being an exact chemical match.


Some prescription products that contain bioidenticals come in patches or oral supplements. Compounding pharmacies also create custom-made creams for skin application at the direction of a prescribing doctor. Cream supplements (like the Estro-Life and Progesto-Life that you will find here at Smoky Mountain Naturals) are available commercially, at significantly lower cost. 

Supplement creams take advantage of our skin’s ability to absorb hormones. By simply applying a cream, we are able to supplement falling hormone levels. 

Why Supplement With Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement gives women the ability to eliminate the unwanted symptoms of menopause naturally.

So how do you know what Bioidentical products you actually need?

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These symptoms are common in modern menopausal women, and can be truly disruptive. The symptoms of menopause result from hormone deficiencies (estrogen and progesterone) that are the root cause of menopause. 

By supplementing these flagging hormone levels, women can be rid of unwanted symptoms, and achieve a better quality of life. And with bioidentical supplementation, relief has never been more available or affordable.


What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement?
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